NISC 2016 Competitions

There are two competitions that delegates can take part and compete to win prizes. All schools who have registered for the upcoming conference are encouraged join the competitions.

Speech Competition

Here are the details of the speech competition:

  1. The topic for this competition is “Tomorrow’s Society: Are We Ready?”.
  2. Open to all schools who have registered for the conference.
  3. Submit an abstract outlining the idea relating to the topic (200 – 400 words)
  4. Schools whose abstract is chosen will have to make a speech at the conference.
  5. The representative from the chosen school will make a speech on the topic. Only one (1) student is allowed to give the speech during the conference.
  6. A maximum of ten schools will compete for the first round.
  7. Three (3) schools will compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the second round, which will be an impromptu speech.
  8. Each speaker is allotted 5-6 minutes each round.
  9. The deadline for submission of abstract is 29 June (Monday) 2016.
  11. Schools will be informed latest by 10 July (Friday) 2016 whether their submissions have been selected for the competition.
  12. Indicate your school’s interest to join this competition by filling out the form below.

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Poster Competition

Here are the details of the poster competition:

  1. The topic for this competition is “Tomorrow’s Society”.
  2. Open to all schools who have registered for the conference.
  3. A team of four (4) students will create a poster relating to the topic that shows TOMORROW’S SOCIETY, which displays a society embracing the changes and technological developments brought by time that will augur well for the future.
  4. The poster has to be electronically created with the dimensions of 80 cm high and 50 cm wide and of portrait orientation.
  5. There may not be any mechanical or electrical devices attached to the poster.
  6. Three dimensional entries will not be accepted – nothing may be glued, stapled or attached to the poster in any way.
  7. Display boards and pins shall be provided by the conference organizer.
  8. Each participating team is expected to be at the display boards to answer questions from the judges.
  10. The poster should relate to the following:
    1. Theme relevance: The poster should display ideas related to the main theme and sub-themes of the conference.
    2. Poster composition: The visual component of the entry has to strike a balance between the artistic and the elements of the theme and sub-themes.
    3. Aesthetics: Relevant artistic techniques and methods may be combined to design an attractive artwork, in order to convey a message which shall be enhanced by both slogan and description.
    4. Originality: The poster should be an innovative piece of work.
  11. During the registration day (25 July 2016), please submit the following items:
    1. A printed copy of the poster
    2. A soft copy (electronic copy) of the poster clicking the button below.

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